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About Jake.

Jake Wells is an actor and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY.

He just recently booked a guest-star on the Starz series POWER.

He is currently pitching the features "Red Friday" and "Go Fund You"

A founding member of the sketch trio Blizzard of ’96, Jake has performed live comedy throughout NYC at The PIT, UCB, The Annoyance, The Stand, out-of-town festivals, post-apocalyptic bar-basements, and by the Shake Shack line at Madison Square Park. 

Jake wrote and starred in the series “10,000 Hours” ( and is currently producing a pilot for the NYTVF about a group of nuclear scientists living in Williamsburg.

As an actor, Jake has co-star credits on Nickelodeon, Fox, and in commercials cast out of both LA and NYC. He recently worked on Martin Scorsese’s latest project and as an uncredited NY Times Reporter in "The Post".  

Jake studied at South Coast Repertory under Hal Landon, Jr, and Karen Hensel; and at OCC Repertory and Brooklyn College. He studied advanced improvisation at UCB and is active in on-camera and commercial workshops throughout the city. 

As a writer, Jake has contributed for The Onion, Funny or Die, and Above Average, The Rage Report, News Makeup, and other really bad, just-put-them-out-of-their-misery satire sites.  

As an citizen, Jake has volunteered multiple times for Jury Duty but is consistently turned away without an explanation. He plans to run for office someday under a new political party called the "Popular People's Front."